Claude Loyola Allgén

ALCD 020

Piano - Mats Persson

MATS PERSSON PERFORMS FANTASIA by the Swedish composer Claude Loyola Allgén. Planned on a big scale, this very expressive and virtuos piano piece, was largely composed during the 1950s. Allgén imprints everything from rhythmical, frenetic, Bartokesque passages, Messianesque chord successions, and corny hit tunes with his unmistakable harmonization. This is a very rich musical language with an almost unmeasurable complexity. Mats Persson, who is the only pianist who has attempted this piece, presents us with a powerful yet nuanced interpretation.

"Between ecstasy and asceticisman", - a portrait of Claude Loyola Allgén by Mats Persson.

"Alice Records´ recording is soundwise one of the very best I´ve encountered. The display of the sound is clear, transparent, close - overwhelmingly beautiful. It is not at all so sure that you´ll get so fine recordings."..."This Allgén recording by Stockholm-based Alice Records score an all-time high, though, in this sense. Here only the music is audible! If the choice of recording facility has anything to do with this great result I must take the opportunity to recommend recording companies to further utilize the concert hall in Nyköping, Sweden Culturum where Johan Petri and Niklas Billström of Alice Records recorded the phonogram of the decade!"
(from a review by Ingvar Loco Nordin)

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Download a short sample.(576K, mp3)