Jan Levander
For trio and ten piece band

ALCD 015

ORIGINAL JAZZ COMPOSITIONS for a ten piece band from one of Sweden´s most prominent composers and arrangers. In contrast to the tighter, more controlled material performed by the larger band, Levander lets loose and plays free improvised music with the trio.

Trio: Jan Levander - alto sax, tenor sax; Peter Jansson - bass; Kjell Nordeson - drums, vibraphone

Ten piece band: Lars Lindgren, Lars Almkvist- trumpet, flugelhorn, piccola trumpet; Mikael Råberg - trombone; Anders Wiborg- bass trombone; Jan Levander- alto sax, bass clarinet; Fredrik Ljungkvist - tenor sax; Jonas Forssell - baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Esbjörn Svensson- piano; Dan Berglund- bass; Magnus Öström - drums

Music for ten piece band composed by Levander. Trio music composed by Levander, Jansson and Nordeson, except Elegia by Levander.
Download a short sample. (720K, mp3)