Johan Petri
I Fear this War

ALCD 012

Johan Petri - soprano and alto saxophone,
guitar and organ
Kjell Nordesson - percussion

Sophie Eklöf - voice, Malin Ek - voice
Anna Gustavsson - percussion, Elsbeth Berg - viola
Sten Sandell - piano, organ, Ivo Nilsson- trombone
Peter Bothén - clarinet, Niklas Billström - double bass
Paul Pignon - bass clarinet, Tommy Adolfsson - trumpet
Hans Isgren - alto clarinet, Torbjörn Svedberg - accordion

A compelling mix of small, precise songs to lyrics by American poet Lorine Niedecker. Reminiscent of composers like Eisler and Weill, these lyrical songs are interspersed with instrumental pieces which have a haunting energy that utilizes elements of ethnic music and Gregorian chants. Included, is a rare recording of a song written more than 2000 years ago by an anonymous Greek composer.

Download a short sample.(576K, mp3)