Akantus: Amando e Desiando

ALCD 010

Lena Susanne Norin - voice
Peter Söderberg - lute, vihuela
Leif Henrikson - viola da gamba

MUSIC BY Alonso Mudarra, Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Juan Ambrosio Dalza, Marchetto Cara, Diego Ortiz, Francesco da Milano Mateo Flecha, Juan del Enzina, Luis de Narváez, Michele Pesenti, Benedetto Gareth and Francesco Spinacino.

THE REPERTOIRE OF AKANTUS consists chiefly of renaissance music. This concentrated and emotionally potent collection of late 16th-century Spanish and Italian music features the uniquely expressive voice of Lena Susanne Norin which, while taking us back to a bygone age, does so with such a gripping contemporaneity that the historical perspective seems to become a trompe l'oeil.

Download a short sample.(528K, mp3)