Schola Buccina

ALCD 008

Jörgen Johansson,Sven Larsson,
Ivo Nilsson,John Petersen,
Olav Holmquist -

baroque trombones and bronzelurs

MUSIC BY Torsten Nilsson, Michael Praetorius, Guillame Dufay, Heinrich Isaac, Josquin Desprez, Alexander Agricola, Adrian Willaert, Claudio Monteverdi, Samuel Scheidt, Bartolomeo Cordans, Daniel Speer, Ludvig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach

ON THIS CD, SCHOLA BUCCINA perform a repertoire (mainly composed for the baroque trombone) spanning more than five hundred years, from Dufay to Beethoven. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment is their interpretation of Bach´s Ten canons on the first eight notes of the Aria ground from the Goldberg Variations, which was found discovered in France in1975, jotted down in the margin of the original manuscript of the Goldberg Variations. A beautiful improvisation on bronzelurs (faithful copies), recorded at Lake Båven one Swedish summer night, is also included.

Download a short sample.(480K, mp3)