Paul Pignon & Raymond Strid:
Far from Equilibrium

ALCD 007

Paul Pignon - Bb clarinet, bassett horn
Raymond Strid - percussion, guitar,
amplified instruments
Niklas Billström - double bass (track 12)

FREE IMPROVISED MUSIC at its best. Unpredictable melodic lines from Paul Pignon´s clarinet weave their way into the unique world of Raymond Strid´s percussion, a realm more sound oriented than rhythmical. Their music is dominated by a playfulness that carves itıs own path beside the mainstream of free improvised music.

"...after a very good improvisation concert I once gave with a percussionist (not RS), a composer-friend asked me "Do you mean to tell me that absolutely nothing of that was planned in advance?". To my affirmative answer he responded "Then I'm going home to tear up my composition diploma".
(from the booklet text by Paul Pignon)

Download a short sample. (480K, mp3)