"Une production formidable dún compositeur suedois alume....Genial !! "
(Concept, France)

"Falls into a stylistic no-mans-land; sometimes tense an stretched, or just downright odd.Interesting work"
(Re´R Megacorp, England)

"A fluid music which seeps into your memory circuits. Favourite: the gorgeous Eastern-sunrise slowjig acoustic gliss of Gods and Men..."
(Wire Mag. England)

"He´s a clear, melodic player with a left hand and rhythmic feel occasionally reminiscent of Paul Bley. His ideas are sharply defined and spaced out within tightly focused pieces which are all selfpenned, bar a Thelonious Monk tune...

"I would like to point out the physical, almost dance-like quality of Sandell's music, and the way it departs from a recognisable prosody. It is uncategorisable contemporary music, with a unique consequence ; the beauty of surprise and faithless change."
(Thomas Millroth. Orkester -Journalen)